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  3. Ann, I have tried two other macaron recipes. With my most recent one, I got beautiful feet and shape, but the treats were too crispy and 11ff8not “cakish” on the inside like the ones we tried in Paris. I would love to try your recipe. Could you please tell me the texture I should expect from your recipe? Thanks.

  4. Re: Oops.*scratches temple in confusion* I only see the colored illustrations? Where’s the black and white stuff?(I’d actually be interested in , but for the fact that it’s actually dedicated to someone.)

  5. "The Bush family is very much a knowing part of this charade, as their open disgust with actual conservatives and dissidents shows."Well, hey, they're of New England Blue Blood stock. George W. (Bubba) has always been an embarrassment to them. They always thought old Jeb would do them proud.

  6. Wondered what Dave was up to – his stuff is no longer featured at the ASPO-USA site. Can't imagine him crossing swords with anyone. In June '08 his one word reply in Drumbeat to anything Jeff Brown had to say was "bullshit." 😉 Jeez, Dave. Kumbaya. I assume you've seen the viral chart of , depicted in appropriate sickly green.

  7. "the training of the mind they engender in cold, hard, rationalist g-loaded thinking – and the subsequent application that has to contests based on pure mind power"'We do not rise to the occasion. We fall to our level of training.'"The Left is not going to admit that IQ is a biological phenomena"but they'll gladly accept racism as one and then eradicate it."These kids are incapable of understanding fractions. "

  8. Sgt White December 14, 2009 Bernie,Great show at Miramar. Didn’t really know what to expect, but the comedy was outstanding and your story is truly phenomenal. What you do is fantastic and I am glad you came to San Diego and shared with us. Keep up the good work and Semper Fi!

  9. lol Look at the giant grin on his face when he says “this propaganda can now be seen in it’s proper perspective” lol think he knows something ? This whole thing is a sham, both “top secret” released KGB videos, the land mine one, and the ghost, was completely fake, and so was the “KGB agent” that had his face hidden.

  10. Du: Det jag skriver är ju just att det viktiga är hänsyn och inte någon fastslagen etikett. Tycker bruden (eller brudgummen) att det är viktigt att ingen har vitt ska man självfallet respektera det. Jag hörde mig för en gång inför ett bröllop just eftersom jag vill visa hänsyn, brudparet deklarerade tydligt att jag gärna fick ha vitt och att bruden skulle vara blåklädd. Alla nöjda.

  11. What a great PPMA Reunion this year 2012. The atmosphere was so special only 3RHA has the ability to do this. Thank you for the support from the serving regiment and well done to all who were involved with the organisation. Already looking forward to the next one.Junior!!! next time make sure you can blow before volunteering to take on the “Post Horn Gallop”

  12. Hahahaha we’ve all been through all these scenarios and they crack me up it’s so annoying lol!!! where do u live? what does ur family do? are u a relative of some political face X Y Z? where do u vote? what do u work? where do u work? how much do u get paid?And as Natasha mentioned the pharmacy scenario happens to me practically every time I enter one I sometimes dread entering a pharmacy hehehe!! akhhh the questions just never ever end it’s like u are in a wind whirl and u can’t escape it!!

  13. Vem kan motstå titeln The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding? Den måste jag bara läsa, fast eg hade jag inte tänkt beställa ngt innan jul! Hoppas jag hittar den i Dublin nästa vecka.

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  15. I love the ‘just say yes’ mentality. That is very much not me, but I like it and I want to be more like that. Of course, I would say it’s important that those things you’re saying yes to are taking you in the right direction and not off in wild backwards directions, like saying yes to every catering job when you want to be the leading blogger on trail running. I guess you never know though how an opportunity is going to play out in the long run…

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  18. Hilarious post, and so true about young people. I still find myself apologizing to my Mom when I remember a time I was rude or smarted off to her. The thing is, like all of us, your daughter will have her own experiences some day and will “get it”. Glad the attack of the fold-down ladder wasn’t worse!

  19. When both of you are in discussion mood, ask her general question related to life, her choice in future, about boyfriends etc, figure it out, what she thinks. That will help you to understand where she stand on this, it will help you not to break friendship, when she ask counter question, tell her honestly that who you are but dont tell that you have crush on her, then take her opinion on your way, once you both comfortable, then share, but take time, as friendship is always more important then desire

  20. that He would build in Matthew 16:18.If man controls Christianity, then I’m sleeping in on Sundays.While writing this response, I saw that Travis clarified his wording with examples. However, that’s not “structuring the move of the Holy Ghost/God”. That’s getting man the heck out of the way so that God can move more freely.

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  22. I have been dipping for the last 5 years and I really want to quit after reading all the crazy stories about mouth cancer. I dip like a can and a half a day. I heard that the nicotine gum or lozenge or patch can help me quit but i’ve tried quitting before and idk how long I will stay off the wagon if the products taste bad or dont help enough. has anyone tried it? what is it like? does it help?

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  24. If ESPN keeps sweeping shit under the rug, they are going to have to rename the network Andrews Sports Programming Network (ASPN) if you know what I mean.Field, I can't wait for tomorrow night. I'm going for the upset, LSU over Alabama. Also another upset, Oregon over Stanford when they go at it. If anyone didn't see the Northern Illinois, Toledo OH game this week, you missed it. That game was an instant classic.

  25. Hey Chris,Happy New Year…awesome post and it is very timely as I cancelled my membership at H2O as it can be difficult for me to get thre some days. Much more cost effective to have a med ball, some tubes, a kettle bell and mat. This I have learned from you! Looking forward to the last 5 predictions! All the best,Anny

  26. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something too few people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something regarding this.

  27. which actress has the best abs in bollywood?By best abs, I dont necessarily mean hard and tight abs like Neha Dhupia’s or Mallika Sherawat’s. Some people find a little flesh on the belly attractive like Ash and Preity Zinta. So whats your opinion? Do post picture links alongwith your answers!

  28. Soo cute! Isn’t is fun being able to dabble in the boy and girl stuff? I seriously have just as much fun dressing Andrew as I do Sophie. I’m glad you got to do the “triangle.” Did you hear David dressed up as a headless horseman and literally rode around their neighborhood on his horse haunting people? I think he may have put Springville on the map with his haunting. Crazy Porters!:)

  29. Caro Pinho Cardão,Hoje enquanto tomava o pequeno almoço ouvi na antena 1 um qualquer programa sobre crianças à guarda da casa pia. Devem existir cerca de 10 a 20 mil crianças nessa situação.Faço a seguinte sugestão privatize-se a RTP.Com os custos de funcionamento (20-30 milhões de euros/ano ?) permita-se que quem adopte ou seja família de acolhimento de uma dessas crianças tenha um desconto no IRS de 5 mil euros.Cumprimentos,Paulo

  30. "The Jew is constantly searching. He is imprinted with a soul that comes from an ideal world and this leaves a deep, usually unconscious, impression of another reality. This soul continually pushes him to go further and never be satisfied with any contemporary human reality" | I am not aware of English translation of this book, but I guess Google Russian-to-English translation comes close enough.

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  34. This is really frustrating – for the last few weeks I haven’t been able to access any of your lovely pics Lucy! I just see an empty box with a little red cross in the corner (which wont open the photo when I click on it). Obviously something to do with my settings but I cant work out what – anyone got any suggestions?? X

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  42. Holy hell I'm so excited. I'm in love with Bioware games so I'm thrilled to see KOTOR (which I only just started shhh don't spoil me) and the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series on there. AGLakghakjghadkjfghadk I'm also pumped. Okay, I have to go read the Portal review now because PORTAL!!

  43. I’m thinking they can have their own phone maybe at 12. They are starting to go to events with friends and things without us at that age, and we may even be leaving them home alone. Since we don’t have a home phone, that will probably be a good age for us. Before that, it’s possible we’ll have an “extra” phone with no data plan to send with whichever child is out and about, but it won’t be “theirs”.

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  46. If all the New Yorkers who voted for Johnson, Stein, Goode, Rocky Anderson, and whoever was the “Liberation and Socialism” candidate had voted for Romney instead…. it would have made no difference whatever. Excoriate me all you want. And, of course, the sacred two-party system can never ever change. Guess I should supported the Whigs, not those non-viable Republicans.

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  52. Allen Well many Democrat women will vote for him simply because he is a good-looking, well dressed and well spoken man, with a nice family, never mind he will throw our elderly and poor into the gutter. Or the ash heap of history, whatever you want to call it.

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  55. I have a feeling that Cathy Smith will let this thing die at some point in the near future. If she wants to remain at all in the race for mayorship (which there’s a lot of talk she is very much still interested), then she will let this whole CAPCS thing subside.I was listening to the Tigers game last night and Cathy was talking to Bob Ridley about the new arena proposal during the second intermission? Is she already going for some positive media coverage?

  56. that Rudd was unfit because he’s already damaged Australia’s relations with key nations.”Do you think it will lead to war?I think Gillard will go stable but maybe Conroy shifted and Lundy brought in to claw back some of that vote. She’ll have to make a good (but weasely) statement re climate/environment because they haven’t anyone with credibility amongst Green-mindeds to be able to make a statement-by-appointment Rudd could be either way – maybe stay ‘resting’ with a ministry post election.

  57. I absolutely love you and Simon. You both always seem to make the best out of bad situations. I am so glad to see you stand up for yourself this season…those other “ladies” will eat anyone alive. Kudos to you both for always maintaining the utmost integrity and class while dealing with others that are, obviously, ill-mannered.

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  62. Michele Connors – Thank you so much, Melissa and Michael, for taking such wonderful pictures of our family. Somehow you were able to catch our personalities in each photo, especially our little girl’s growing personality. We have been so proud to show these off to all our friends and family. Many many thanks! You are wonderful!July 24, 2010 – 12:03 pm

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  73. Mary, “Labor in obscurity” ? Wow. That’s tough. And great advice.(What about all the movies where people write books in the end and the publishing process is like some bizarre deus ex machina? Do you mean that’s not how it works?)You also said, “Write or edit for free.” A nice reminder to me in particular. Two presses at BEA suggested I edit a book on spec, so they could test my skills. I guess it’s something like an internship by project.

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  79. The inherent conflict is that depraved human nature loves and pursues money and power, regardless of ethnic and cultural and moral considerations, regardless of the harm to others and long term, even eternal, consequences. There is no NECESSITY to import the extra-racial or extra-ethnic labour, only a CHOICE to do so.

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  86. Oh, Mona, I am praying for you and Niko also! Being terminated is really scary (it happened to me about 4 years ago), but you have such a Godly attitude about it! I loved that you said today was Day 1 of the rest of your life – I cannot wait to hear what great doors God opens for you next! 🙂

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  90. I’ve heard a bunch about Murray staying. I think he sticks around. I think Bray goes. Why stick around for one more year, have to learn a new offense, and pretty much know your team isn’t going anywhere? Even if staying is the smart decision, nobody ever accused Bray of being intelligent. Ergo, he leaves.

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  99. Hey black anon I didn't know you were black so why don't you get a moniker or something so you can be identified.And don't you think your thinking or even the way you expressed yourself should indicate some kind of solidarity with other black folks since you are black?I'm just saying…And maybe I will take you up on that book idea, someone needs to talk about how some black folks and other oppressed folks got so crazy.

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  127. To me sex educati0n is essential, but who trains the trainers, who sets the standards? Free choices is a way of living but do not touch the untouched. I know simple folk who are not top notch sportsman e.c.t. who are better persons and who have more happy families.

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